You can transform the idea of community, inspire courage and compassion by sponsoring our movement or volunteering.

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#1 Our Fundraiser

Come party with a purpose. By attending and/or sponsoring our annual fundraiser your commitment makes it possible for us to raise awareness to social issues through our yearly show. Click here to see our upcoming events!
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#2 Our Show

Attend our annual show and become aware of social issues. Hear stories of resiliency and transformation. Leave knowing that you can make a difference. By purchasing a ticket you create opportunity for the arts community to engage youth in movement that inspires change. Click here to see our upcoming events!

#3 Volunteer

It’s not just volunteering, it’s about making a difference. We believe in engaging people in their potential and gifts. We foster this through mentorship, experience, and accountability. We answer, “How do I make a difference?”, and we do it together. If you’re interested in joining our volunteer team, please click here to tell us a little about your interests and our volunteer coordinator will get in touch.
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#4 Donate

Be an ambassador for change.


Do not hesitate to get in touch at anytime.