Movement With A Message started in a small office in 2006 with a group of students from Co-Founder, Connie Jakab’s Decidedly Jazz class while waiting to go on stage at a local church to perform a piece on homelessness. Co-Founder Oliver Reyes made a lighthearted comment about starting a company and from there, the rest is history. From modest performances in churches, to performing in renowned theatres such as Theatre Grand Junction, we are still doing what we did ten years ago; producing our movement with a message.


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Inspiring resiliency through movement with a message.

Inspiring resiliency through movement with a message.


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Movement With A Message exists to foster resiliency by engaging through storytelling and educating through artistic initiatives.


Movement With A Message brings artists and professionals together to create shows that impact culture and lifestyle. By fostering collaborations and relationships, we provide education and opportunities for young and seasoned artists advocating for social justice issues.

We advocate and collaborate with organizations that are involved in:
• Poverty reduction
• Mental illness
• Domestic violence
• Youth resiliency and empowerment
• Human trafficking
• Family breakdown
• Addictions
• Homelessness
• Eating disorders

We do so in a safe and encouraging environment through our school residencies, events, and workshops that nourishes both personal and professional growth.

Our Core Values, Our 3 C’s:
Courageous to face adversity
Compassion to see one another
Community to build and restore strong connections

transcend culture with courage and compassion to build strong communities.

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