The Cast: Aimedee Gunnink, AJ Robless, Albert Mejia, Amy Plett, Cameron Taylor, Ceniza Aviles, Corinne Vessey, Gracia Dinzau, Jason Galeos, Jenny Chanthabouala, Nicole Pemberton, Nyasha Nyamaka, Oliver Reyes, Rebecca Dawn, Ryan ‘Rubix’ De Guzman, Theresa Tucci, Vanessa Padillo. Understudies:Sarah Burgiss, Twizzie Ramos, Aristotle Nsungani

What is Letter?

Your show, Letters, was amazing and powerful. The artistry and passion of the dancers was so impactful that I was moved to tears.

– Michelle Price, Western Canada High Teacher

A show revealing how people thrive with connection and the unhealthy attachments they make when connection is void.

With a focus on family, Letters seeks to display the issues society faces when parents give up on their children and when children are left alone; physically alone or alone with devices to keep them “occupied”.

What makes Letters so dynamic is our diverse cast of spoken word artists, Emcees, contemporary, hip hop, and krump dancers – all passionate about their artform and the message that the show conveys. From aspiring to seasoned artists, we aim to provide individuals with the outlet to create and showcase their talents.



Thank you for having us at the show last night. Keep up the fantastic work! The production was very personable and touched me on a personal level. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring those around you. The message cuts deep and it makes me reflect on my own life and really gives perspective to many unspoken issues that we’ve grown to tune out.

Eric Choy

We did attend last night and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Very dynamic and moving performance. My wife works for an addiction treatment Center with young women and we had a good discussion following the show regard value/risk of offering the performance to vulnerable youth in the homeless sector. Many of the youth we serve are easily triggered based on past and current trauma. For many of our youth they don’t have the “I’m still here” from parents or loved ones.

Tim Veich-Calgary Homeless Foundation

This show really touched me, as I work with youth every day in Woods Homes that experience everything that you guys touched on in the show. I am extremely passionate about what I do, and whom I work with.. I became emotional towards the end of be show because I see the strength and resiliency that both youth and families have, when the youth are overcoming some of the most difficult situations..mental health, addictions, depressions/suicide..etc.. And the families for finding strength and overcoming some of the most difficult obstacles that they may go through with their children, whom are experiencing mental illness. The suicidal piece really hit home with me, as this summer I found myself talking a youth down from jumping off a bridge. It was easily the most terrifying experience I have ever had, and I will forget it. I’m so glad of what the shows represents, and how amazing of a job the cast did portraying these issues/stories.

Jordan-Woods Homes

I was thoroughly impressed and touched by the passion and outpouring in the performance today. The theme of ‘connection’ is so important to highlight. I work in mental health and truly, what I know is when we feel connected through ‘love’ then we can overcome anything. Keep doing what you do and merging a powerful message through art!

Trish Hardy-Teacher, Mental Health Professional

Prepare to be MOVED! The most powerful show I have ever seen. If you are a parent – GO!


I cannot harness the words to express what I thought about Letters. Most of it was felt and not really thought. It was amazing, current, raw, real, authentic and on point. It invoked some very real and strong emotions. The most powerful show I’ve been to. I feel refreshed and have hope for repairing and making new connections with people in my life. Thank you for bringing mental health and real connection to the forefront and taking the fear and stigma out of it. Broken Together.


Thank you Mpact Team and cast for a powerful, emotional and spirited performance! I really enjoyed the dance and spoken word creativity of your show and your message of empathy, hope and resilience for youth and families. Keep going strong!

Michael Gretton-Vibrant Communities Calgary Board Member

Last night’s show of Letters literally left me unable to articulate myself because I was so moved and did not know where to begin. It was so relevant, honest, raw and I give BIG props to all the artists in the show who conveyed the important message of connection with such authenticity. Without giving too much away about the show itself I think everyone should get out to see it! Every parent, every kid, every mental health professional, every single person struggling with the noise of our world when deep down we crave connection. As for me in the next coming days, I will be reflecting and beginning to integrate what I saw, felt and learned last night into my self awareness and into my world. THIS show is what the arts are ALL about and YYC is so lucky to have the opportunity to witness such mad talent! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get out and see it no matter where you are in your world right now. You are loved and you deserve it.

Steph Pineo-Lyka Fox Music

If you do anything this week, go see “Letters”. I was at the opening last night . Connie Jakab did a phenomenal job as artistic director together to put all the cast’s talents into this emotionally charged theater play. You will laugh, you will snap ya fingers, you will wanna dance and maybe even cry.

Twizzie-Local Calgary Emcee

Its taken me a bit to process what I experienced last night and wanted to share some thoughts though I don’t think these words will completely capture my feelings. I had the opportunity attend Connie Jakab and Mpact Movement’s current show, Letters, last night. This show deals with the lack of connection that is at the heart of many of the social issues we face, including many that I come cross in my work at Two Wheel View. This show touched me so deeply. The performers spoke about topics intensely personal to them, from addiction, suicide attempts, loss of love, mental health, lack of community and isolation. These are real topics that people of any age face but I don’t think we realize just how much these things affect our young people. I am not afraid to admit that I cried several times during the performance and judging from the sniffles around me, I wasn’t the only one. I HIGHLY recommend you see this show before it ends. Thank you to the artists and performers for bravely sharing their stories, stories need to be told for change to happen. The world is a better place because of your work. Seriously. Get tickets NOW.

Laura Istead-Marketing Director of Two Wheel View

My friend and I were at your opening show tonight and I walked out of that theatre feeling moved, inspired and grateful. I was especially touched when Connie shared her personal story about her son and his mental health struggles. I am a nurse and work on the adolescent mental health unit at the Foothills and before our unit opened last year, I was at the Children’s Hospital on the Mental Health Unit. Mental health is a huge passion of mine and I thought Letters was an extraordinary show that highlighted the realities of the struggles that our youth and their families are going through. I am also a big lover of the arts and so this was a dream show for me, seeing 2 of my passions working together in harmony. While working in the area of adolescent mental health can be challenging at times, it is also equally rewarding. All of these youth have potential, sometimes they have a hard time seeing it or believing it but when they discover their inner fire, their untapped strength and resiliency, it makes the job so worth it. Thank you for this amazing show as it reminds me why I am in the field that I am in. You are all truly magnificent and talented artists and I am so grateful that I had the privilege of watching your show. I would love to help out or volunteer if the need ever arises. If so, please let me know. I believe in what you are doing.

Mental Health Nurse in Calgary