If there ever was a time to see students courageous, it’s now.
Teacher and students in the courage program

Believe Courage

Today, students navigate through social media pressures to keep up, look good, or even to escape bullying that used to end after school but now comes home with them on their smart phones. The good news is that we believe COURAGE can give them the tools to rise above it. Courage gives them answers in a complicated time.

Build Confident

If teens had more courage we would see less bullying, violence, racism, depression, identify crisis, self shame and we would see more creative social change, confidence, possibility, freedom, and teens becoming the leaders they can be. This is the reality we wish to see through the Courage Program.

Mpact's teacher - Ryan

Ryan DeGuzman
Acting on courage is the first step to any kind of self development. Once we learn to be courageous ourselves, we can spark courage within our societies

students in the courage program

HOW to be courageous

This is why we have created an entire resiliency program for schools and youth around Courage.“Our Courage Program uses movement and original music we have produced with local emcees Rubix and Rebecca Dawn. It takes students away from just simply talking about courage to experiencing it. Along with the music and movement, we created a book that navigates teachers and students on HOW to be courageous.”, Connie Jakab.

Connect Us

For more information, email mpactmovement@gmail.com or call Connie at 403-399-0402 We would love to talk about how to ignite courage into the students at your school or program.

A local school teacher at Simon Fraser has this to say about the Courage Program:

It was the best use of time I could imagine. These kids come to school struggling with many issues the Courage Program addresses. The program addressed the issues and gave the students a chance to escape and experience courage.