For the past 20 years our Artistic Director, Connie Jakab has been teaching resilience in schools through dance. Artists from our show Letters, Ryan DeGuzman and Rebecca Dawn, have at the same time been using the art of rap to give youth a voice. What moves them? The fact that over the last ten years, Canadian youth have experienced a great increase in mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. One in every five students in schools now deal with at least one of these mental health issues.

Connie speaking on stage into a mic, with a black background.
Ryan DeGuzman profile shot, standing in a wooden frame in a parkade.

“Acting on courage is the first step to any kind of self development. Once we learn to be courageous ourselves, we can spark courage within our societies”

Ryan DeGuzman

Performer standing on stage in purple dress with hand on heart.

“It was the best use of time I could imagine. These kids come to school struggling with many issues the Courage Program addresses. The program addressed the issues and gave the students a chance to escape and experience courage.”

Local School Teacher

Physical Education

Movement with a Courage focus is eligible for units in P.E. classes or in school dance programs.

Grades K – 9
1 – 5 day residencies

Health & Life Leadership

Designed to accompany our movement program, our classroom Courage Program with accompanying workbook and music is eligible for units in Health & Life Skills or leadership classes.

Grades K – 9
1 – 5 day residencies

School Assemblies

Empowering topics including antibullying courage, mental health, school unity and resilience.

60 – 90 minute presentations

Educators & Parents

Workshops and seminars designed to empower educators and parents with knowledge and tools to promote resilience in their students.

60 – 90 minute presentations

Why Choose Us

Our method has been developing for over 20 years. We have seen amazing results creating courageous, compassionate and community minded students in schools through our unique approach where students don’t learn about community, compassion and courage, they experience it. It’s been proven that movement in learning increases brain function, retention, positive social interactions, and self-confidence. Our program is experiential moment based and fun and has been designed to be easily incorporated into the curriculum for Physical Education, Health and Life Skills or Leadership classes. Schools notice a tangible difference in students’ well-being, courage, and empath, and a decrease in social issues such as bullying and stress.

Our Music

This is why we have created an entire resiliency program for schools and youth around Courage.“Our Courage Program uses movement and original music we have produced with local emcees Rubix and Rebecca Dawn. It takes students away from just simply talking about courage to experiencing it. Along with the music and movement, we created a book that navigates teachers and students on HOW to be courageous.”, Connie Jakab.

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